Private Practice, Life, and Career Planning Course

Are you looking for more information on starting your own practice? Do you have a need for training in the area of business? Do you want to learn about time management, healthcare, and/or finances?

If so, sign up to be a part of the inaugural cohort for our private practice, life, and career planning course. This hands-on, modern online course (via Zoom) will help you kickstart your profitable, dream business. Classes will begin Saturday, September 11th, and will reoccur weekly until Saturday, October 23rd (7-weeks) from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

No matter where you are on your professional journey, our careful planning will help you reach your goals!


This course is designed to provide participants with skills needed for life and career planning as well as the principles and practices necessary for developing and running a business. This course will assist participants in many areas of their career development: taxes, budgeting, starting a company, branding, networking, resume, cover letter, email etiquette, professionalism, dressing for success, insurance policies, estate planning, benefits, retirement plans, quality of life, organization, time management, and building their credit.


This course is designed to build confidence while providing the necessary tools to successfully navigate through challenges that may be faced in the participant’s careers. The course is offered because there is a need for knowledge regarding business ownership, life, and career planning while matriculating through college. Participants will have the opportunity to engage and learn from a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist that has successfully managed a private practice.



Private Practice, Life and Career Planning Course

I know a lot about private practice!
⚫ Types of private practices
⚫ Starting a company
⚫ Types of companies
I know how to write a business plan!
⚫ Biography
⚫ About us
⚫ Mission
⚫ Vision
⚫ Philosophy
⚫ Services
⚫ Pricing
⚫ Team members
⚫ Financing
⚫ Name
⚫ Logo
⚫ Business license  
I am compliant!
⚫ Documentation
⚫ Billing
⚫ Taxes
⚫ Ethical and legal
⚫ Malpractice issues
⚫ Malpractice insurance
I am a profitable business owner!
⚫ Garnering business
⚫ Standing out
⚫ Advertising the business
⚫ Contracting services
⚫ Creating contracts
I am a dynamic business owner!
⚫ Insurance policies
⚫ Estate planning
⚫ Benefits
⚫ Budgeting
⚫ Quality of life
⚫ Organization
⚫ Time management
⚫ Building your credit
I am an impressive professional!
⚫ Branding
⚫ Networking
⚫ Resume
⚫ Cover letter
⚫ Email etiquette
⚫ Professionalism
⚫ Dressing for success


This course will create opportunities that assess knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

As a result of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the important considerations for coding and reimbursement for services and protecting client privacy. These include understanding the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), obtaining a National Provider Number (NPI), and credentialing for Medicare, Medicaid, and/or private health insurance.
  • Describe the nuances of service delivery, including providing telepractice service, hiring, and supervising.
  • Identify established relationships with professionals and other business owners.
  • Identify their own unique interests, abilities, values, strengths, challenges, and technology needs.
  • Articulate short-term and long-term career goals.