“It is human nature to inspire, encourage, and uplift each other to live a fulfilling life. We cannot do that without the power of communication and speech amongst each other.”

– Wesley Tesfaye Robinson (2022 Summer Intern)

Dynamic Therapy provides comprehensive and compassionate services to improve the quality of life of clients from birth to 100. Founded in 2016 in Washington, DC by Mr. Darius Thomas, Dynamic Therapy is a professional service company comprised of Certificate of Clinical Competence Speech-Language Pathologists (CCC-SLPs), Clinical-Fellow Speech-Language Pathologists (CF-SLPs), and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs).

At Dynamic Therapy, we work to meet our clients where they are at any point in their lives. Our comprehensive virtual services allow you to come into our virtual practice from the comfort of your own space without disrupting your day. Additionally, we offer extensive contract services to businesses including government agencies and schools. These transformative services bring companies to the next level.

Dynamic Therapy is a minority-owned business and diligently works to address the learning, achievement, and opportunity gap in Europe and the United States (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, and California). Our therapists are skilled in evaluating and treating clients in schools, daycares, clinics, homes, and via telepractice.


The mission of Dynamic Therapy is to provide:

  • Efficient assessments;
  • Experienced professional diagnoses; and
  • Effective treatment strategies


The vision of Dynamic Therapy is to:

Make a significant impact in the lives of all people while evaluating their capacity and current abilities, determining their needs, and spending therapy time addressing their needs.


Dynamic Therapy philosophy focuses on an active, encouraging, open-minded, and rapport-building approach. When working with clients, we engage them in educational and interactive dialogues in and outside of therapy activities. We believe that all people can learn, therefore we have high expectations for our clients. While delivering services, we employ a structure in the therapy session, using routines and procedures to help people remain comfortable and confident in and outside of therapy. We include interesting and interactive learning activities in our lessons to grab their attention and inspire learning. We are dedicated to the success of clients, both in and out of the therapy room. The skills they gain from therapy expose them to many opportunities in life and it is our goal and destiny to improve client achievement with quality therapy that prepares them to influence the future.