“It is human nature to inspire, encourage, and uplift each other to live a fulfilling life. We cannot do that without the power of communication and speech amongst each other.”

– Wesley Tesfaye Robinson (2022 Summer Intern)

Dynamic Therapy specializes in speech and language pathology and is dedicated to the complexities of and science behind how we communicate. The company provides clinical services to patients across the lifespan as well as evidence-based and inclusivity trainings to governmental and non-governmental organizations. 

Dynamic Therapy offers extensive virtual services and large-scale contract services to businesses to assist with growth and evolution. Since its inception, the company has provided community outreach, personal/business development, parenting courses, speech and language therapy, and inclusivity trainings to clients/businesses in Europe and the United States (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, and California). 

Dynamic Therapy assesses, diagnoses, and treats clients with speech and language disorders as a result of hearing loss, neurological disorders (e.g., autism and brain injuries), intellectual disabilities, drug abuse, physical impairments such as cleft lip or palate, vocal abuse or misuse, etc. 

As communication experts, we offer a scientific-based approach to educating and training those without disabilities on how to effectively communicate, recruit, hire, and train those with varying abilities within the organizations and communities which they serve.


The mission of Dynamic Therapy is to provide:

  • Efficient assessments;
  • Experienced professional diagnoses; and
  • Effective treatment strategies


The vision of Dynamic Therapy is to:

Make a significant impact in the lives of all people by evaluating their capacity and current abilities and addressing their needs.


Dynamic Therapy’s philosophy focuses on an active, encouraging, open-minded, and rapport-building approach. When working with clients, we engage them in educational and interactive dialogues in and outside of our activities. We believe that all people can learn, therefore we have high expectations for our clients. While delivering services, we employ structure in the sessions, by using routines and procedures to help people remain comfortable and confident in all environments. We include interesting and interactive learning activities in our lessons to grab our clients attention and inspire learning. We are dedicated to the success of our clients as the skills they gain from Dynamic Therapy expose them to many opportunities in life. Furthermore, it is our goal and destiny to improve client achievement with quality services that prepares them to influence the future.

Dynamic Therapy
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Jairus JonesJairus Jones
00:19 07 Feb 23
Came to Dynamic Therapy for help with teeth shifting due to tongue thrusts. The team created a therapy plan and practice techniques that cured my bad habit. No more risk of unwanted orthodontic bills due to their help!
Bejani TurleyBejani Turley
17:54 13 Dec 22
Being a graduate clinician at Dynamic therapy has been amazing to say the least. I have been challenged to face my fears, provided with tools to start my business, and overall confidence as a clinician. I am so grateful to have been placed to work under the supervision of Darius Thomas. One of the many things I admire about this placement is the encouragement to show up as my entire self, the emphasis on creating functional goals, and providing families with cultural competency services and resources.
Arianna WallerArianna Waller
22:55 09 Dec 22
As a graduate student, Darius has been an amazing supervisor and I am truly grateful for his guidance and support these past couple of months. He explains concepts thoroughly and presents information in a digestible manner. He not only makes therapy fun but functional as well! I was able to collaborate with the entire team to help families meet their goals. I highly recommend Dynamic Therapy, you will be a better clinician after working here!
20:33 03 Oct 22
Mr. Darius and all of the speech therapist that interacted with my son were nothing short of amazing. They were all patient and professional. When we came to Dynamic Therapy, I was extremely frustrated with the lack of resources in my area. I had tried another speech therapist and it was honestly a waste of money. Long story short, I googled speech therapist near me and Dynamic Therapy was one of the first that populated. When I reached out, someone contacted the same day and we had a consultation a couple days later. When we met Darius, I felt like he was a member of our family. His energy was inviting even though we were virtual. He assured us that our son's speech was something that he'd seen before and that he could offer techniques that would help. It's been a year and a half and we are so happy with the outcome. Our son speaks a 100 times better! This is one of the best decisions we've made for our son!
Tara RandolphTara Randolph
19:36 13 Jul 22
I had an excellent experience working with Mr. Thomas. He is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and purpose-driven. I hope that one day I can be HALF the clinician and teacher he was to me. Seriously, I could go on and on. He is truly a leader and a class-act. He expects nothing but greatness and confidence from his clinicians and his clients.
Michelle AndrewsMichelle Andrews
03:22 15 Apr 21
Dynamic Therapy LLC is a great private practice and Mr. Darius Thomas-Wallace is a knowledgeable therapist that truly takes the time to get to know each of his clients personally. The sessions will always keep you engaged and full of fun and positive energy. This is definitely the best speech and language private practice in the area and I would highly recommend!