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All speech therapy services are virtual, except those provided to individuals by way of our school contracts in Washington, DC, and Georgia.

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Dynamic Therapy is an ASHA Approved CE Provider!

As an ASHA-approved CE Provider, we can work with you to plan, deliver, monitor, and report your cooperative course and offer ASHA CEUs. What Is a Cooperative Course Offering?cooperative course offering(s) is when an ASHA Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider joins with an organization or entity that is not an ASHA Approved CE Provider to plan, deliver, and evaluate a continuing education course/offering(s) for ASHA continuing education units (CEUs). A fee is owed for cooperative offerings. To begin, please complete this form:
Price: $ 700.00
  1. Complete the contact form above.
  2. Submit your $700 cooperative course fee.
  3. Review the ASHA CE deadlines.
  4. Review the Guidelines for Cooperative Offerings document that explains ASHA’s requirements for courses offering ASHA CEUs. Cooperative course offerings need to meet the same requirements as any ASHA CE course, including needs assessment, learning outcomes, Brand Block, speaker disclosures, and evaluation.
  5. Determine the maximum ASHA CEU amount for the course. ASHA CE makes available an Excel spreadsheet that will calculate ASHA CEUs for you.
  6. Download and submit the Dynamic Therapy Cooperative Course Policy
  1. Review the following resources as needed: Creating learning outcomes, Resources for CE Presenters and Planners, and Course promotional materials that meet ASHA requirements.