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All speech therapy services are virtual, except those provided to individuals by way of our school contracts.
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Safe Space Policy

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At Dynamic Therapy, we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all clients. We believe in fostering an environment that promotes trust, respect, and personal growth, whether it be in therapy sessions or business coaching sessions. Our Safe Space Policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for clients and professionals to ensure the well-being of everyone involved in our services. By engaging in our services, you agree to adhere to the following principles:
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Safe Space

  • We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination, harassment, or abuse based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, or any other characteristic.
  • We respect and honor each individual’s identity, experiences, and cultural background.
  • We encourage open-mindedness and a willingness to learn from diverse perspectives.

Confidentiality and Privacy

  • We maintain strict confidentiality regarding your personal and business-related information, in accordance with legal and ethical standards.
  • Information shared during our interactions will be kept confidential, except in cases where there is a legal obligation to disclose information or if there is an imminent risk of harm to yourself or others.
  • We take necessary precautions to ensure the privacy and security of any electronic communication or documentation.

Boundaries and Consent

  • Our professionals will maintain professional boundaries and avoid any behavior that may compromise the client-professional relationship.
  • Physical contact will only be initiated with your informed consent and for purposes that you have explicitly agreed upon.
  • You have the right to set your own boundaries within our interactions and can voice any concerns or discomfort.

Emotional and Physical Safety

  • We strive to create a safe environment where you can express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of judgment or reprisal.
  • Any form of physical, verbal, or emotional aggression or intimidation is strictly prohibited.
  • If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable during our interactions, please inform our professionals immediately.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

  • We are committed to providing our services in an inclusive and accessible manner to individuals of different abilities. Please inform us of any specific accommodations or accessibility needs you may have.
  • We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your requests within the scope of our resources and expertise.
  • If we are unable to meet your specific needs, we will provide referrals or information about alternative resources whenever possible.

Feedback and Concerns

  • We encourage open communication and value your feedback regarding our services. Please feel free to share any concerns or suggestions for improvement.
  • If you have any issues related to our interactions or a breach of this Safe Space Policy, please inform us promptly so that we can address the situation appropriately.
By engaging in our services at Dynamic Therapy, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this Safe Space Policy. We believe that creating a safe and supportive environment is crucial for personal and professional growth. Our commitment is to foster a space where you can explore various aspects of your life and business openly and without fear of judgment or discrimination.